0118. Growing fresh air (신선한 공기 키우기)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: That’s a cute little cactus! Isn’t that good for reducing monitor radiation?
B: With this single tiny cactus? That’s overambitious. As far as I know, the cactus should be at least 4 times as big as your monitor to have an effect.
A: Really? That’s disappointing. But still, it’s a good decoration.
B: It’s more than a decoration. Just looking at it helps me relieve stress, and it’s really exciting to see the plant growing.
A: Isn’t it a lot of work, though?
B: I guess it depends on the type of plants. For example, I water and wipe leaves of my Areca palm tree once a week.
A: That’s not too bad if you can make the most out of the tree. Do you think it’s beneficial?
B: I heard the Areca makes fresh air by removing carbon dioxide, and it keeps humidity. But again, one tree is not enough to have dramatic effects.
A: Okay. I’ll grow several trees.
B: Good luck! I’m sure your time and money will be worth it.

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