0117. Rejection Therapy (왜 싫다고 말을 못 해!)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: Hey, do you think you can ask for a burger refill at a restaurant?
B: What? Is that possible?
A: No, that’s why I’m asking. I just watched this guy named Jia Jiang on YouTube,
and he asked for a burger refill.
B: So? did he get it?
A: Of course not, which actually was the point: getting rejected.
He made many other requests to strangers and mostly got turned down.
B: Why is he trying to get rejected?
A: Jiang said his goal was to desensitize himself to the pain and shame of rejection and overcome his fear.
B: Oh, I can understand him to some extent. I used to be afraid of saying “no” to others,
but got over it after realizing nothing terrible happens when I reject a request.
A: I think both rejecting and being rejected are just parts of everyday life.
You might need to train yourself, though, like Jiang.
B: I wanna train myself by doing this: sleeping at a mattress store.

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