0116. I want Sonny on my team(팀플레이어 손흥민)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: Did you watch Sonny’s game last night?
B: Of course, that’s why I’m half asleep now.
A: Me too. I couldn’t take my eyes off Sonny. He’s such a gifted player.
B: Yea, I think he can definitely be a role model for youth players.
A: He seems very sociable, too. It was interesting to see him shaking hands with all of his teammates in a different way.
B: That’s another skill he has. I don’t think I could mingle well with foreign teammates if I were the only Korean on my team.
A: That reminds me of my team. Our teamwork sucks.
B: Hey, be positive and try to bond with your teammates. I think Sonny’s handshake skills can help.
A: I wish my company had an open-minded atmosphere like Sonny’s team.

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