0115. Nuisance in library (도서관 안의 민폐)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: Hey, is my breathing too loud?
B: Huh? Who cares about your breathing?
A: Somebody in the library put a sticky note on my desk. “Please breathe softer.”
B: Oh, you were in the library. People can be very sensitive in such a quiet place.
A: I didn’t think I was being a nuisance, though.
I was trying my best not to get on others’ nerves, but complainers DO exist.
B: Well, you might get a romantic note sometime soon.
A: In that heartless place? No.
B: Maybe you’ll get a note on a canned coffee, saying “I see you’re not feeling very well. Why don’t you get a long, long rest AT HOME? XOXO”
A: Oh, don’t be sarcastic.

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