0114. Changing Trends for ‘Likes’ (‘좋아요’를 부르는 포스팅)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: You’re totally trapped in Instagram. Stop using the phone and eat!
B: Hold on. I just need a few more hashtags. I’m sure my followers are gonna like this place.
A: Isn’t it kinda shabby, though? People usually “like” fancy places.
B: That’s an old story. Many people are getting sick of seeing meaningless pictures just for showing off.
A: Well, I’m one of them. Some attention seekers’ phony pictures make me cringe.
B: Yea, I guess that’s why postings that represent one’s true tastes, stories, or philosophy get attention these days, just like mine on unknown brands or local stores with their own styles.
A: I respect your taste and philosophy, but can you finish your pizza first to show the chef respect? It’s getting cold.
B: Done. I’ve already got two likes!

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