0112. Becoming a Minimalist (미니멀리스트 되기)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: So, this is your new place! I like the big window! And..It’s very clean.. way too clean…! You’ve only got this foldable table in the living room?
B: Yeah, I got rid of most of my stuff before moving.
A: Seriously? Including your sofa and bed? 
B: Yea, I realized I can live without them. I’m trying to live like a minimalist.
A: Wow, you’ve changed a lot! I envied the ornaments and furniture at your old place!
B: Most of them were actually unnecessary. Once I started owning less though, the things I own brought me more joy. Isn’t it a cool paradox?
A: Really? What about all these things jammed in the utility room?
B: uhh… I’m keeping them in case I go back to my original lifestyle. 
A: I knew it!

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