0106. Trickle Down Effect (낙수효과)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: Hey, you look totally exhausted. You’ve got dark circles, too! Did you work late last night?
B: Are you kidding? Not just last night. I’ve been working late every single day for 2 months.
A: Bummer! Do you have any free time?
B: Not at all. I don’t even have time to see my family.
A: Sorry to hear that. There are many people who are in the same boat. (!)
B: To be positive, though, I’m lucky to have work to do. It’s really depressing to see college graduates these days.
A: I agree. I heard Koreans work the second-longest hours among OECD countries. But ironically, the employment rate is really low. What non-sense!
B: That means only a small minority are raking in money.
A: Are there people who still expect a trickle-down effect?
B: After being fooled for decades? No way!

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