0103. It runs in the family (핏줄은 못 속여)

Perfect25 English Podcast

A: I am so hooked on the song “Stairway to Heaven”
B: Isn’t that a classic from back in the day by Led Zeppelin?
A: Ooooh~ You even know the songs that were released in 1971. You really have a great taste in music.
B: Actually I don’t know Led Zeppelin, but I know the song is well-known.
A: Back in the 70’s the group was going on a tour in Asia and almost had the chance to perform in Korea!
B: Really? Wow! That could have been a blast! How come it got cancelled, though?
A: Back in those days, the Korean government even had their hands on people’s hair. Led Zepplin couldn’t perform in Korea due to the group members’ long hair.
B: That’s messed up. I guess we have it pretty easy.
A: Hmm… You think so? True, now the government doesn’t care about our hair but without us knowing, they can easily get access to our cell phone.
B: That’s right! I totally forgot they are related. I guess, it runs in the family.

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