0105. Damaged Jeju Island (소길댁이 떠나야 했던 제주도)

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A: Hey, have you ever heard of So-gil-daek before?
B: Isn’t that the nickname of superstar Lee Hyo-li, who lives on Jeju island? Why are you asking?
A: Well, Lee Hyo-li used to live in So-gil Li on Jeju Island, but she moved to a different town because too many tourists were visiting her place. She probably couldn’t stand it.
B: Oh really? I guess that’s what happens to celebrities
A: But I think it isn’t a bad idea to go to Jeju for ordinary people who are seeking peace and quiet.
B: True, but I think Jeju island isn’t the right place to live anymore if you dream of a peaceful country life.
A: You’re right. I heard some people are coming back to their original homes after finding out what Jeju actually looks like these days.
B: You can see a lot of pictures of beautiful nature on Jeju Island being damaged by the large number of tourists.
A: The problem is not that tourists are visiting Jeju, but that the government is not managing it properly.
B: I hope public officials who focus on civil engineering business and profits can focus more on the public good.

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